Turanto 13.0.2 (Current Version) January 2, 2018 Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Email screen is now associated with entity. You can configure different entities with email and create new records in an entity directly from email screen. You can assign email to the records, attach record documents to email and send/receive email like normal email functionality.
  • Bug Fix: Role assignment issue due to admin role selection.
  • Bug Fix: In multi-tenancy, after role selection only concerned users should show. But when logged in user is assigned with multiple tenants, users of all roles were visible. 
  • Bug Fix: Journal entry shows view list journals of all tenants when multi-tenancy is applied.
  • Bug Fix: Field level security issues.
  • Bug Fix: Faceted Search issues.
  • Bug Fix: Inline association issues. Quick add shows error if properties of inline association are not present in popup.
  • Bug Fix: Calculated properties issue, grid and detailed search, export excel was converting boolean checkboxes into dropdown in excel.
  • Bug Fix: Property enabled with Business rule as read only when deleted from model, application throws error on saving record.
  • Bug Fix: When user logs in "incognito" window, the facility is pre-picked, it only asks for role selection.
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: Email is integrated with entities. Now you can tick the email checkbox and in generated application, the email screen will be associated with entity.
  • Bug Fix: Error in generating requirement documents.
  • Bug Fix: Error in import model if the application model is too big.
  • Improved launch performance.
  • Bug Fix: In multi-tenancy, if entity has too many associations, the screen do not show the association name and it is difficult to identify which association should be ignored.
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