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Turanto 12.8.5 (Current Version) June 15, 2017 Native Mobile App
  • New Feature: Group layout for View and Detail page. The group layout is updated for better UI experience.
  • Feature Update: List page item separator change.
  • GUI Feature Update: Ordering of entity on Menu, Home and Tabs.
  • Feature Update: Sliding tabs on View page (Tab in Gray & White Color). The slide bar can be scrolled to locate specific tab. Earlier all tabs were self-aligned to mobile screen's width.
  • Feature Update: Remove background color of search.
  • New Feature: Call on phone through app using phone dialer.
  • GUI Feature Update: Font size change in View and Detail Page.
  • Feature Update: Loader implemented on all pages
  • Feature Update: Performance improved [list & detail page]
  • GUI Bug Fix: White space removed from Detail & View page
  • GUI Bug Fix: Left side indent provided on List page
  • GUI Bug Fix: Minimized control height at detail & view page
  • Bug Fix: Data not displayed in In line association 
  • Bug Fix: User not able to login with ,multi tenant security
  • Bug Fix: Multi tenant name displayed
  • GUI Bug Fix: Cell border on groups
  • GUI Bug Fix: Small fonts on view page,edit page, same font size for all controls
  • Bug Fix: Profile image can be edited on view page
  • GUI Bug Fix: Group name made bold
  • Bug Fix: Earlier APK was created from application name but now we are taking the same from application url [as in application name we can have special character but in url we can’t]
  • Bug Fix: Download document working – now viewed as a link
  • Bug Fix: Link to – clickable (now viewed as an link)
Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Feature Update: 'Save & Continue' label of button on edit page is changed to 'Save & Stay'. 
  • Feature Update: Better compact search screen above main scheduler calander. 
  • Feature Update: Filter dropdown in business rule can be used to filter bridge entity of M:M association also.
  • Feature Update: Derived session number is also displayed in session title.
  • Feature Update: Boolean derived property shows upfront (without saving record)
  • Feature Update: Time slot in master schedule sorts automatically for sessions between AM to PM
  • Feature Update: Removed the line across the fonts for past public events.
  • Feature Update: Main scheduler shows more no. of characters of display property.
  • Feature Update: When the session is shorted, the events post session are automatically deleted. And the events already happened in past are not allowed to delete.
  • Feature Update: Cursor focus on first field in wizard add/edit.
  • Bug Fix: Errors in custom theme.
  • Bug Fix: More button from gallery view is removed. It was undesired and did not perform any action.
  • Bug Fix: Favorites removed from admin section.
  • Bug Fix: If no 1:M association is present, the 'Add Association' button on edit/view page will now not be visible.
  • Bug Fix: Inline association now shows derived property.
  • Bug Fix: Show/hide column now shows at-least one property.
  • Bug Fix: Empty faceted search was giving error.
  • Bug Fix: Wizard was showing empty 'other properties' tab.
  • Bug Fix: Update calculated property in wizard was not working.
  • Bug Fix: View page was not showing 'Records Inserted by' timestamp field.
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes data in dropdown was not displayed in between previous and next button (in view and edit pages).
  • Bug Fix: Roster line doesn't get created when session is extended.
  • Bug Fix: Recurrence days were not showing as display property in Master Schedule.
  • Bug Fix: Search was not working in master schedule and roster line.
  • Bug Fix: Blank favorites were being saved earlier.
  • Bug Fix: A loop was created when cancel and back bulk buttons were used in straight fashion.
  • Bug Fix: Currency was not accepting negative values.
  • Bug Fix: Editing time slot in group was showing schedule of other groups also. Now it shows only selected groups.
  • Bug Fix: Search to be enables inside Calendar. 
  • Bug Fix: Derived capacity inside Session to be editable.
  • Bug Fix: Should not be able to enroll beyond the capacity, if enrollment happens from Calendar page.
  • Bug Fix: No of enrollment and Capacity to be derived and warning to be provided inside session events too.
  • GUI Bug Fix: Issue in gallery view and find matching buttons inside Action.
  • Bug Fix: Issues in timestamp property for create quick, wizard etc.
  • Bug Fix: Assocation name on M:M association is corrected.
  • Bug Fix: When multiple meeting entities are associated with 'Person' entity, edit page of person was showing irrelevant result.
  • Bug Fix: Checkbox list (m.m) issues resolved. (e.g session and terms)
  • Bug Fix: Faceted search time only box
  • Bug Fix: Faceted search for derived property
  • Bug Fix: Faceted search related issue, e.g. advance filtering.
  • Bug Fix: Faceted search results (by selecting "Group by" option) displays UTC timing.
  • Bug Fix: Improper dates were displayed in derived date properties.
  • Bug Fix: Modify Faceted search screen was showing blank list of dropdown.
  • Bug Fix: Custom messsage in business rule was showing wrong prefix.
  • Bug Fix: In Calendar: Session events DP continue to be shorter after clicking "All Events" button.
  • Bug Fx: Events tab was not visible on view page of record.
  • Bug Fix: Derived property was not shown in faceted search.
  • Bug Fix: Graph button shows empty popup if no graphs are present in entity.
  • Bug Fix: Calculated property are not tab stop now.
  • Bug Fix: Nullable data in timestamp was giving nullable error.
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: Records inserted by and updated by information for records. Now you can add tracking of person who inserted record and who updated record. This information is displayed in generated application under the group called internal details.
  • Bug Fix: Importing turanto application do not import some user interface related settings.
Turanto 12.8.4 May 25, 2017 Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Feature Update: Themes improvement for better UI.
  • Feature Update: Next and previous button on quick edit.
  • Feature Update: Master schedule/Calendar – show/hide weekdays columns from master schedule, showing weekdays- end date etc.)
  • Feature Updat: Xamarin mobile application.
  • Bug Fix: Themes and xamarin mobile application.
  • Bug Fix: 'Today' in faceted date search, to and from date in faceted search.
  • Bug Fix: Meeting/calendar, close button on multi-select dropdown
  • Bug Fix: Set value action in business rule, APK
Turanto App-Generator
  • Feature Update: Create calculated property using constant values.
  • Bug Fix: Calculated property, delimeter and order of display property.
Turanto 12.8.3 May 16, 2017 Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Next, previous and 'Save and Continue' buttons on quick edit.
  • Feature Update: Quick edit and bulk update on bridge entity.
  • Feature Update: ‘today’ and ‘null’ condition parameter for advanced condition search in faceted search.
  • Feature Update: Web-API related enhancements for Xamarin.
  • Bug Fix: Bulk update do not work if edit/view page have accordion and tabs both.
  • Bug Fix: View page not showing accordion association values.
  • Bug Fix: Hidden group business rule was not working.
Turanto App-Generator
  • Better user experience with launch performance improvement.
  • Bug Fix: M:1 multi-tenant security was not working (not showing records).
Turanto 12.8.2 May 5, 2017 Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Simple reports and cross tab reports are available.
  • New Feature: Permissions can be given on reports.
  • New Feature: Xamarin Android/Native app APK can be downloaded from generated application.
  • Feature Update: Many to many filter in faceted search is available in left panel. The filter includes derived associations and properties for search.
  • Feature Update: Calculated value in many to many association can be populated and saved.
  • Feature Update: UI Alert action in business rule. It will display message on page.
  • Feature Update: Business rule can be applied on bridge entity.
  • Feature Update: Search filter criteria on top (similar to calendar) in master schedule.
  • Feature Update: Bulk update available on bridge entity also.
  • Feature Update: Search box on grid will also search records from many to many association.
  • Bug Fixes: Issues in calender, master schedule, calculated properties, , group expand/collapse issue, bulk update option.
Turanto App-Generator
  • Feature Update: Calculated properties can be created for many to many associations.
  • Feature Update: Web APIs changed to include security, user, permission, document, workflow, journal entry, verbs and lot more.
  • Feature Update: Launch page UI changed. Options and labels renamed.
  • Bug Fixes: Application crash when derived property is boolean, app crash when launched with two meeting entities, derived properties, changing tab name of meeting associations, web API token.
Turanto 12.8.1 April 04, 2017 Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Release: Generate simple report. The simple report with simple condition can be generated using report section.
  • Feature Update: Time slot enhancement in meetiing feature.
  • Feature Update: Meeting has cross tab for Timeslot view
  • Feature Update: Auditing an entity includes search, faceted search.
  • Bug Fixes: M:M association filter entity data, field level security bug fo multiple roles.
Turanto App-Generator
  • Feature Update: Generate application from Access database. The application will support display value and foreign keys.
  • Bug Fixes: Some bug fixes related to calender and meeting, multi-tenant security issue.

Turanto 12.7.9

March 02, 2017 Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Feature Update: Meeting feature updated to add clients. An option will display to directly add clients in selected session or session events. 
  • Feature Update: Elmah is now accessible only to super admin.
  • Bug Fixes: Some bug fixes related to super-admin user roles and permissions, login failure message, faceted search, business rules, validation rules, document download.
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: The code files can be attached from Turanto and will be reflected in generated application. The files can be assembly files, compilation files or content files.
  • Feature Update: Code fragment will be imported in bridge entity while importing the model. The entity is not editable but people can add properties to the entity.
Turanto 12.7.8   Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Print option provided for calendar.
  • New Feature: New button to toggle between registered and non-registered events.
  • Feature Update: Non-associated events will be shown in slightly dull color to clearly identify and avoid meeting collision. 
  • Feature Update: Show/hide panel in business rule.
  • Feature Update: Adding 1:M associations in meeting will also create association with meeting events. It is valid for deep associations.
  • Feature Update: Calender tab will be shown in entity that is indirectly associated with meeting.
  • Feature Update: Filter dropdown in M:M association.
  • Feature Update: Sat/Sun showing in grey color view.
  • Feature Update: Calendar has now search option.
  • Bug Fixes: Association of 1:M with meeting entity, removing association, M:M screen, Feature Update: Extra admin rights in business rule.
Turanto App-Generator
  • Bug Fixes: Meeting entity leading to app crash
Turanto 12.7.7 February 08, 2017
Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Random password generation at the time of user creation.
  • Feature Update: Sort order in many to many association checkbox list.
  • Feature Update: Journaling of admin features.
  • Feature Update: Only the active meetings will be allowed to pick.
  • Feature Update: Boolean 'Is Open' is associated with every meeting. It indicates that meeting is active or scheduled to future.
  • Feature Update: User dropdown is now searchable.
  • Bug fixes: Bug fixes in business rule for second level dropdown, pagination in M:M association screen, meeting, field level security.
Turanto App-Generator
  • Feature Update: Derived tab enhanced to support bi-directional deriving of properties.
  • Bug fixes: Bug fix related to M:M meeting, verb re-name.
Turanto 12.7.6 January 17, 2017 Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Data in meeting entity will automatically be copied to session events.
  • New Feature: Admin user can give limited admin rights to users of other roles.
  • Bug Fixes related to faceted search, meeting calendar, meeting events update, sorting order in M:M association.
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: Creating associations in meeting entity will automatically create associations in session events.
  • Feature Update: M:M self association is now supported. Earlier only 1:M association was supported.
  • Bug fixes related to meeting entity, importing application template, session events.






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