An entity is something that exists in itself, actually or potentially, concretely or abstractly, physically or not. It need not be of material existence

Figure: Entities Required in Asset Management Application

Create Entity

Click on the 'Add Entity' button. Add entity button opens a popup to create an entity.The entity popup shows you various options that are classified in respective headers.

Figure: Add Entity Button Click

Entity Info

Figure: Add Entity Popup

Display Name

Display Name is the name value that will be displayed in generated application. In simple words it is the Name of entity.


Description is to describe what this entity is about. It is for the internal reference only and do not show in generated application.

Display as Tab

When this option is ticked, the entity will be displayed prominently in application. Display as a tab indicates that the entity will be visible on left hand side bar on all screens of application.

Figure: Display as Tab in Generated Application

The entity which are not displayed as tab, can be termed as supporting entities and are present in 'All Entities' section of Home Page of generated application. The entities placed here do not have primary significance but used for supportive information in primary entities.

Add Type

Add type is a shortcut of creating a type entity. For example: if 'Person' is checked with Add type, than 'Person Type' will be created by Turanto and associated with Person. The association will be 'One Person Type has Many Person(s)'. The option is to save time in modeling as checking 'True' creates a type entity and uncheck deletes it. As simple as that.!

Figure: 'Add Type' 'Add Status' and 'Add Category' creates respective entities and associates them with primary entity

Figure: Entities created by Options checked above

Add Status

Status is another entity created by checking 'Add Status'. Similar to 'Add Type', Status has 'One Person Status has Many Person(s)' association.

Figure: Entities Created in Generated Application

Add Category

Category is another entity created by checking 'Add Category'. Similar to 'Add Type', Category has 'Many Person Category(s) have Many Person(s)' association.

Add Person

Think of some basic properties/attributes of a person. Name, email, phone no., address, title etc. Turanto creates all these properties (Total 8) when this option is ticked.Also, four new entities: Address, state, city and country are created with required associations and dependent drop downs.

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